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What Does
"Consistent with Precision" mean to us?

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  • High-grade Ferro Alloys procured from South Africa.

  • Olivine Sand from Turkey.

  • High-quality steel scrap.

  •  Accurate weight of casting as per drawing (+/-10kg).

  • Foundry chemicals are exclusively sourced from renowned companies/manufacturers.

  •  Fully controlled heat treatment 
    (+/-10 degrees C).

  • A gas-fired heat treatment furnace is used, resulting in No air pollution.

  • Dimensional inspection of each casting with the help of template and posted directly. Direct posting of dimensional and process inspection as per the template helps to avoid any scope of error.

  • Complicated dimensions profiles checked by Portable CMM machine.

  • Casting simulation software.

  • We produce patterns on CNC Router machines.

  • We create 3D model patterns with casting shrinkage and machining allowance and transfer drawings to the CNC router for pattern making process.

  • We keep stock of pattern wood for seasoning wood to avoid variation in the size of the pattern.

  • We do quenching of treated material in less than 30 seconds.

  • We can make complicated profiles in controlled dimensions.

  • We have paperless dedicated drawing management software. We have data security of customer drawing in our dedicated software which is only accessible as per user's right.

cone pattern storage.jpg
  • We have a dedicated In-House testing laboratory for hardness and bend samples. Dedicatedly, we do a Spectrometer analysis of every heat/molten batch of molten metal prior to molding.

  • We have a 'Nikon Metallurgical Microscope'
    (up to 1500X) with metallurgy software.

  • We have a 'Unique Identification Number' representing the Customer part number, Casting batch number to track inspection reports.

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